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Kalimpong gueast house

Telephone : 00886-936-072621 / 008862-2437-5654 (from overseas)

kalimpong guest house It is safe to offer to you. Comfortable. Economy. Convenient accommodation

THE HIDDEN Kalimpong Guest House where you can have nice, quiet, clean sleep and relax. Everyone is welcomed to stay with us at the Kalimpong Guest House. We are easily assessable from town by walking (20-25 min) or by car (10-15 min). In the early morning you can hear birds sounds when you wake up and enjoy a magnificent sunrise view. You can breathe the fresh Himalayan air and have a walk in our garden,
then you can experience yoga or meditation in the Kalimpong Gueast House where we have provided a large hall for all our guests to share in good health.

The guest house was designed with small residential architecture in mind during the colonial British era. Entwined in the KPG vally, surrounded by Himalayas the many green hills with a view of the river.The building was first transformed into the Kalimpong Guest House when I was growing up in this small city. Although I traveled to Taiwan after graduating school, buying and selling antiques, and have since traveled between many countries, my birth place has finally called me back home again to manage the Kalimpong Guest House. I hope every one who visits has a memorable trip. If you have time don't forget to say hello and stay with us. I hope to make you feel at home and have a nice vacation and relaxing stay!

Everyday low price at Rs - 1000 a night a person including tax.

( communal shower with lock + communal toilets with lock )

( single guest is most likely kindly asked to share a room )




Address - Dr .B.L.Dikshit road bung busty kalimpong gueast house.west bengal India-734301.

cltshering20001@yahoo.com.tw http;//www.wzd.idv.tw/kalimpong.htm